33 days and counting

Greetings! I have been at site now for a little over a month, and realized I have been tremendously negligent keeping this site updated. The truth is, I have opened and closed a new post numerous times, but often find I don't have the words, time, or motivation to express them in print. Finally something … Continue reading 33 days and counting


ditën e mirë

ditën e mirë is a common saying meaning good day! it's used almost like a greeting and a goodbye, and to me it is emblematic of the welcoming culture i have experienced in my 10 days at my pre- service training (PST) site! i have a glorious host family that has made me feel like … Continue reading ditën e mirë

nomadic nature

HK in Austin, TX I recently had the pleasure of visiting Austin, Texas for the first time this weekend. It was a beautiful, spiritual, invigorating experience, made possible by the plethora of entertainment options in the area, but also because of the generous hospitality I received from the hostel I stayed in. This community experience … Continue reading nomadic nature

three months and counting

In three months, I will depart for my biggest adventure to date; joining the Peace Corps. I can't even put into words how excited I am to leave this country behind for a few years and learn and live in another. Trading the individualistic nature of citizens here for the community mentality of Kosovans is … Continue reading three months and counting